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Size question: 9″ or 13″


Hi,  I’m trying to figure out which burner I should get.

If I want to cook with a 14″ wok, should I get the PF13 or the PF9 burner?

If I want to cook with a 16″ wok, should I get the PF13 or the PF9 burner?

I have a family of 5 people and generally, I only plan to cook at home. I like to cook a lot of different chinese foods.

Do I need the 160k BTU or 130k BTU max output?  Thanks.


Both 14” and 16” size woks would work well on our 13” stove.   We don’t recommend our 9” stove because of your family of 5.

We would also recommend our 160kBTU stove PF13xx160 as the sturdiest stove.  Bests.


Thank you for your reply.

The PF13xx160 comes with or without electronic ignition — what is the advantage and disadvantage of each.

Do you really think I need the 160k BTU? I’m just a home cook.


We usually prefer the manual PF13xx160 stove.  It is continuous in heat adjustment.

130kBTU stoves are good choice as well.  They are not as sturdy and robust as the PF13xx160 ones.


I’m about to make this purchase, but I wanted to figure out what kind of propane tank connector I would need. I see that you told someone else that connectors are POL or ACME type.

I don’t have a propane tank now and would need to buy one. Should I have the ACME type or the POL type?

I think all new propane tanks are designed to use the ACME type, does the PF13L160 have the ACME connector?


All our stoves use POL type as we sell worldwide.   For worldwide POL is still the standard.  Here in USA we use ACME as well.   All tanks in USA, as we know, have both outer threads for ACME and inner threads for POL.   Many people see the outer threads and think that the inner threads are not there.  According to our experience (we are in business for last 15 years), this is not true.

What we suggest for you – go to buy the tanks first.   We would suggest to buy two tanks, one for use another for backup.   When you go buy the tanks, you can actually feel if they have inner threads or not.   If they do not have inner threads, we are willing to custom build a PF13L160 stove with ACME connector for you.



Okay. What is a good size? Is 20 lb ok?


PF13L160 only works with 20lbs propane tanks.