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The stove is not convenient at all.

Feedback:  He said: First of all, you have to use it in the backyard, so you have to get all your ingredients there.  Then you can’t put things on the grass, so you’ll have to set up a table.  Then, after you cooked a dish, you’ll have to rush back to the kitchen, which is far away from his backyard, and wash the wok.  Then come back for the second dish, wash the wok, and so on.  “Yeah, the cooking time is shortened, but I spent more time rushing in and out of the house.”

Answer:  I appreciate this feedback.  My neighbor (an American), who has been using one of our sample stoves for a while now, also has the same comment.  We are working hard coming up solution for this.  So far we setup a table for all ingredients and have a tray of all spices.  The table is setup besides the stove.  We move all ingredients and the spice tray before starting the stove to cook.  Some of our video demos show this arrangement.

Another trick is to organize and cook white dishes together and then black (or red) dishes. White dishes use salt and sugar as the main spices while black ones use soy sauce or any colorful spice.  Additionally, we cook fish/sea food dishes at the end to avoid fishy taste on our vegetable dishes.  We have to admit that not able to wash our wok in between did pose a problem to us at the beginning.  By following some simple sequence, however, we never have to wash our wok in between any more.  Hope this helps.