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The stove is not powerful enough.

Feedback: He said that because I said the stove is powerful, he shortened the cook time, and then he discovered that the dishes is not cooked well, so he re-cooked it.  So the stove is not as powerful as I told him.

Answer:  The power of the stove is adjustable.  At its high end, it delivers 137,000BTU/hr (about 40kW).  A regular kitchen electric stove is about 4kW.  Of course, if the stove is adjusted to give minimum power, which we usually do before putting all ingredients on the wok, then it may not be as powerful as it is thought of.  One of our sample stove goes to a Mom and Dad.  Their first time cooked dishes were also raw.  After getting used to the stove, they recover and start to make use of the extra power from the stove. One year later, their feedback is that they love the stove very much!