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The stove itself attracts insects.

Feedback:  Why?  Because it’s easy to spill something on the side of the stove.  Then when you move the stove inside to the garage, the spill attracts insects and ants. 

Answer:  We would not deny this possibility.  However, we would like to mention that a grill will do much worse, simply by considering meats are stuck on grill after being cooked.  On the contrary, since a wok is bigger than the stove, it is hard for any meat or vegetable pieces to go inward to be stuck on the stove ring.  Even let’s assume this happens, the stove will be able to dry the pieces pretty well because of high temperature during cooking.  We have been putting our stove beside a bucket flower plant for a half year.  All what we notice about is army of ants march up and down on the plant, instead on the stove.  You can see the violet flower plant beside the stove on our long leg stove product picture (PowerFlamer PFL) on our product page.  By the way, we never need to clean the stove since we built it half year ago. We simply let the heat do the work.