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trying to choose between two stoves


I need a high powered outdoor fixed gas stove for my wife to stir fry.

I think I want either the PowerFlamer PF13LFN160 or the EasyFlamer EF13LFN50WG, but the descriptions are incomplete. Can you tell me


– What is the btu for the EasyFlamer EF13LFN50WG?

– Does the PowerFlamer PF13LFN160 have an igniter?

– What size is the gas input for the PowerFlamer PF13LFN160?

– what else should I know to compare these two stoves?


EF13LFN50WG max is about 23KBTU/Hr.

PF13LFN160 needs manual igniter.  It has a pilot.

PF13LFN160 needs at least 1/2″ pipe connection.

Both need a yellow stainless tube connection to your natural gas pipe.  This is readily available in local hardware store.