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What model stoves do these requirements narrow my choice to?


I am considering buying a one burner natural gas stove for outdoor use. Would need wind guard and quick disconnect. Not yet sure if long or short leg. I will be using a 14″ diameter round bottomed 18 gauge carbon steel wok.

1) What model stoves do these requirements narrow my choice to?

2) Do different models have different BTU output?

3) Stove would be used next to an existing Weber grille with flexible hose quick connection to an existing NG wall pipe measuring 13/16 od.

A novice at how gas supply works, could I, on appliance side of existing gas cock, add a double gas cock which would allow gas to flow either to wok stove or Weber? If both valves on double were open at same time, would that be a problem?


Due to some shortage in resource, we will not be able to ship out anything between tomorrow to 7/27.

1.  Please consider EF11SQN50WG or EF13SQNWG for short leg,  EF11LQN50WG or EF13LQN50WG for long legs.    The EF13 wind guard will take 1~2 weeks longer besides above delay time.

2.  EF13 stove is slightly more powerful than the EF11 stove.

3.  Out quick disconnect dimension is 3/8″.  You might need to buy some coupling and Tee between your gas pipe and our disconnect socket.

4.  You can install a Tee at your natural gas pipe after your manual valve.  At each Tee outlet you can install a disconnect.  Then you can use any stove/grill at any time.  The disconnect socket on itself has a shut off valve that is normally off (blocking gas) if you do not insert the disconnect plug into it.

Hope we answer your question.



A few more questions, if you don’t mind:

1)  If I get short and decide later long is better, can short be adapted to long?

2)  Do the 13 and 11 have specific btu max outputs (curious, as the stove recommended by The Wok Shop (it’s propane, which is why I’m not pursuing) is 32,000 btus ( This appears like more heat than one would ever need, given max of my kitchen gas range large burner is 14,000 btus.

3)  Since my 14″ wok is 4 3/8″ deep from rim to curved bottom, would the diameter of your 13 be a problem for the bottom of the wok clearing the burners?


  1. For stove with wind guard, it is possible to adapt from short to long legs.  You can order long leg extension from us later.
  2. EF13 stove gives max 23KBTU/Hr.  EF11 stove gives max 19kBTU/Hr.
  3. There are wok supports on the stove to make sure your wok always see flame.