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what size of wok ships with the PF13L160?

Question:  Hi there, I am thinking of ordering a burner and a wok for a friend’s wedding present. The burner looks exactly like what I’ve been trying to find. We are in Canada and the shipping is quite pricy at about $85. If I were to also add a Carbon Steel Wok, would you be willing to include that for the same shipping costs? Also what size of wok ships with the PF13L160? I was hoping for something in the 18″ range.  Thanks so much for your time and hopefully this will make an excellent wedding gift.

Answer:  Due to the dimension limitation of the shipping box we use, we could only ship a 14″ wok.   We can find you an 18″ wok.  However due to its size, it will need to go into a separate shipping box which certainly costs much more in shipping cost.   If you are OK with 14″, we can keep the $85 shipping charge.  If you like to order from our web site, we can refund any shipping charge over $85.

Question: Thanks so much for the speedy reply and thank you for the excellent customer support.  I’m still trying to decide if the 14″ would be OK as I was hoping for larger so he could fully take advantage of the big outdoor burner….is it the same as in the pictures on your website with the single wooden handle? Hopefully it is a very sturdy carbon steel and handle.  Also in your opinion is the PF13L160 your best outdoor stove?does it only come in silver? And as this will be a gift, what is your warranty policy?

Answer:  The 14″ wok we ship is the same as the picture on our web site.  It is our recommendation, quite sturdy and light weighted.  In terms of comparing 14″ against 18″, typical restaurant chef or chef on TV shows like to use smaller wok to maximizing cooking possibility.  18″ wok will heat up slower than a 14″ wok.  PF13L160 is our best stove recommendation.  It only comes in Silver.  Warranty is full refund on stove if you ship back 60 days after purchase.

Question:  Thanks yet again 🙂 The warranty is a bit of a sticking point for me, I was definitely expecting longer coverage, but the biggest problem is that the wedding (that this will be a gift for) isn’t until June 28th and I would like to order the stove sooner than later to avoid any hassles at the border etc… It will essentially sit unused in the box for the entire 2 months of warranty time and once opened it will already be out of warranty. Is there any way you can honor the warranty starting from his wedding date of June 28th? I also looked further into wok sizes and I think I can live with giving him the 14″, I tried adding it to my cart and the shipping only went up to $95. So if it’s easier, instead of crediting me for the shipping difference, I would be OK with you throwing in a couple more spatulas to make up the difference.  Thanks again for your speedy replies. Greatly appreciated…I’m seriously debating ordering one for myself 😉

Answer:  The reason we only warranty 60 days from purchase is that our vendor charges fee on the transaction and will only give money back during this period.  For you we can lift this restriction and we will warranty up to 2014/9/15.  As you request, we can add a couple more spatulas in the order.   Please remind us in the order instruction on this.

Question:  Awesome. I will place my order this weekend when I have a chance….and will make sure to note the order. Thanks for being flexible. So far I have nothing but positive things to say about your company. I will be sure to pass along your site to anyone who is in the market for an outdoor burner.  Have a fantastic weekend!