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What’s the difference between the brass colored 160 btu burner and the silver one?

Hi – What’s the difference between the brass colored 160 btu burner and the silver one?
Also – I was looking at the Big Kahuna burner by Eastman Products on Amazon – it has food reviews at 65k btu and I’m wondering what the advantages are with your burner over it? Thanks


Hi,  1. All our 160BTU stoves are of silver color. The brass color must be just that the color is not exact.
2. Our stove will be more powerful and more at ease at cooking. We are the one who use it daily.  Bests,


Thanks for the quick response! I cook stir fry daily on a 30k camp chef burner – carbon steel woks, 14″,16″ and 22″. I’m very excited to order one of your burners! Does the pilot light really work like it shows in the video? Also, the leg extensions seem very small in diameter, are they sturdy for everyday use? Sorry for all the questions, I only want to make this purchase once and can’t seem to find many options – I totally stumbled onto your website. Do you sell many units? You’ve been around for years, correct?

I was going to buy this one from, but they no longer sell it! See attached. Looks similar in features to yours, but with a different burner head.

Thank you for your help in making this decision.


Great that you have been cooking on your own.  Then you should know what to look for.   The importfood stove you included is almost perfect except that you might need an oven glove to cook as the flame can come toward you.  Our stove solves this problem.   We have been in business in last 14 years.   Our long legs are capable of withstanding up to 35lbs of food.    Let us know any further question.


Thanks, I’ll order. I noticed you are in Oregon, I live in Portland, is it possible to pick one up and save on shipping? Also, do you ever run any special offers?


Sorry, we are now in northern California.  Pick up from Portland Oregon is kind of far.   After we graduated from Oregon State University 20 years ago, me with a Ph.D. and my wife with a Master in Science degree, our day jobs have brought us across the country to Ohio, Wisconsin and then finally settling down in northern California bay area.

The only time we offer discount is when we have refurbished products.   Our price (we thought) is stiff because our products have technical content, just like Apple Computer products (we are in the same city).   However our customer support and service is superior to Apple.  We still continue to support all products out in the filed in last 14 years while Apple already drops support to their first generation iPad they produced 5 years ago.

Better off since we are a very small business for fun, our customer support is also personal.

Let us know any further question.


Thank you for the explanation. Exciting to hear about your journey. I understand on price and appreciate your approach. Glad to hear about your level of support, so rare these days.

I appreciate your offer of free shipping very much and will place my order now. I’m very excited to use the burner, as I mentioned before I cook stir fry often and have always wanted to replicate restaurant style stir fry.

I will try to take a video when cooking once I’m set up! Thank you for the effort in setting up your videos.

Apologies for another email, but I’m a little confused on which unit to order. What do you recommend? I want a long leg version, with pilot light, lighting with a lighter is fine, and I would prefer a burner that has good variable flame control, but hot enough for commercial level heat cooking.


It would be PF13L160, almost exactly matching what you describe.