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Where to provide air to the stove when building outdoor kitchen


Hi – I am planning to set my PowerFlamer 160 into an outdoor kitchen cabinet. I see this topic comes up every now and then, but I couldn’t find an answer to my question: will it get sufficient air, given my design. The burner would sit with its short legs on top of a solid surface, and there would be another solid surface just under the top of the burner, together forming sort of a box in which the burner sits. The sides of this box will be closed off, the front will be largely open, and the back could be entirely open (area of 28×8″). Will this provide adequate air flow? If it’s sufficient, could one close the back but place typical stainless steel outdoor kitchen/BBQ vents that have several open slits? If none of that is sufficient, should one provide air to the underside of the burner, e.g., by cutting a hole in the main support sheet and attaching a duct that leads to the outside of the cabinet? Thanks so much for any advice. Cheers


Our stove takes air from underneath.  Please give enough space for air passage under the stove.