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Heights of Short and Long Leg PowerFlamer Stoves? Are the legs (bend) done properly?

Customer (PF13L160_Stabilizers)

Are the legs done properly ? Is the completed height 31”. I thought there were short legs for tabletop operation and extensions to use on the floor. Are the places where the longer legs attach considered the short table legs?


The short leg stove uses the short legs from the base plate, about 1.5 inches.  The long legs have bend such that they can spread out wider to increase stove stability.  Entire long leg stove should be about 30~32 inches in height.   This is to consider a wok depth of 4 inches, such that the wok handle height is at 36 inches.   We consider 36 inches as the average height for people’s elbow, comfortably lifting the wok with elbow in horizontal position.  

For how the long legs spread, please see the “Usage Examples” section of the stabilizer product   For how to spread the long legs, please see “How to achieve stable long legs for PowerFlamer propane 160 stoves?” at