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Heights of Short and Long Leg PowerFlamer Stoves? Are the legs (bend) done properly?

Customer (PF13L160_Stabilizers)

Are the legs done properly ? Is the completed height 31”. I thought there were short legs for tabletop operation and extensions to use on the floor. Are the places where the longer legs attach considered the short table legs?


The short leg stove uses the short legs from the base plate, about 1.5 inches.  The long legs have bend such that they can spread out wider to increase stove stability.  Entire long leg stove should be about 30~32 inches in height.   This is to consider a wok depth of 4 inches, such that the wok handle height is at 36 inches.   We consider 36 inches as the average height for people’s elbow, comfortably lifting the wok with elbow in horizontal position.  

For how the long legs spread, please see the “Usage Examples” section of the stabilizer product   For how to spread the long legs, please see “How to achieve stable long legs for PowerFlamer propane 160 stoves?” at

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PowerFlamer Stove height


Hello, I was going to order a PowerFlamer 160 but wanted to make sure of a couple things. I am building an outdoor kitchen and plan to have the counter at about 30-32 inches. Will setting the short leg model on a counter that high be uncomfortably high to use? I’m pretty tall (6′) so I think it’ll be ok, just want the expert opinion.

Alternatively, do you know if anyone has built one of these units into the counter of an outdoor kitchen? If so, any advice on how to do it?


Our long leg version height is 30″~32”.   Some of our tall customers (>6’) actually request another 6” in height to 36″~38” total height.  The criterion to judge is your elbow height.   When you hold the wok, you would prefer the stove + wok (~4”) total height to be a bit lower (~4″) than your elbow (with you standing on ground), such that when you lift the wok, your forearm is at the most comfortable position. 

We do have a lot of customers who build our products into their outdoor kitchens.  You usually get the short leg version, cut a hole that is a bit smaller that the top of the wind guard, such that the wind guard can sit into the hole. 

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Questions from Australia


Hi,   I am interested in purchasing the PF13CL160EI or PF13CL130EI wok burner and have a few questions;

1) I live in Australia, by purchasing the configurable option will this be compatible with our local LPG bottles?

2) The height of the long-leg option is 35 inches (89 cm). This seems taller than the wok burners in the video, is this the height of the unit with the legs splayed? Are the legs heights configurable?

3) Do both the PF13CL160EI and PF13CL130EI have the main heat settings at 30kBTU and 160kBTU?

4) I intend using the wok burner outside on the patio. I have several 14 inch woks and some experience with high-pressure wok burners. I wish to learn the Bao method. Would you recommend the PF13CL160EI or PF13CL130EI wok burner?

5) Can you tell me the cost of shipping to Australia?


  1. We ship international orders with a POL connector for worldwide compatibility.    If you don’t use 1lb propane bottle, you don’t have to order the configurable version.   When you order PF13L160EI or PF13L130EI, we know to use POL connector for you.
  2. Good question. The height for PF13L160EI should be around 31” while a PF13L130EI would be 35”.
  3. The PF13L130EI has two main settings 30 and 130KBTU/Hr. PF13L160EI heat is continuously adjustable.
  4. Both should work for your Bao method.
  5. The shipping cost from USA to Australia by USPS is around USD190.

Let us know any further question.