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How long will the gas burner (PF13L160) last using the 1lb. propane bottle?


Quick question, for the models that can handle both the 20lb propane tank and the 1lb. portables propane bottle. How long will the gas burner last using the 1lb. propane bottle?


Our experience is that a bottle is sufficient for one night camping cooking for a family of 4.  To be sure, we usually bring two bottles.

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Questions from Australia


Hi,   I am interested in purchasing the PF13CL160EI or PF13CL130EI wok burner and have a few questions;

1) I live in Australia, by purchasing the configurable option will this be compatible with our local LPG bottles?

2) The height of the long-leg option is 35 inches (89 cm). This seems taller than the wok burners in the video, is this the height of the unit with the legs splayed? Are the legs heights configurable?

3) Do both the PF13CL160EI and PF13CL130EI have the main heat settings at 30kBTU and 160kBTU?

4) I intend using the wok burner outside on the patio. I have several 14 inch woks and some experience with high-pressure wok burners. I wish to learn the Bao method. Would you recommend the PF13CL160EI or PF13CL130EI wok burner?

5) Can you tell me the cost of shipping to Australia?


  1. We ship international orders with a POL connector for worldwide compatibility.    If you don’t use 1lb propane bottle, you don’t have to order the configurable version.   When you order PF13L160EI or PF13L130EI, we know to use POL connector for you.
  2. Good question. The height for PF13L160EI should be around 31” while a PF13L130EI would be 35”.
  3. The PF13L130EI has two main settings 30 and 130KBTU/Hr. PF13L160EI heat is continuously adjustable.
  4. Both should work for your Bao method.
  5. The shipping cost from USA to Australia by USPS is around USD190.

Let us know any further question.