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PowerFlamer Stove height


Hello, I was going to order a PowerFlamer 160 but wanted to make sure of a couple things. I am building an outdoor kitchen and plan to have the counter at about 30-32 inches. Will setting the short leg model on a counter that high be uncomfortably high to use? I’m pretty tall (6′) so I think it’ll be ok, just want the expert opinion.

Alternatively, do you know if anyone has built one of these units into the counter of an outdoor kitchen? If so, any advice on how to do it?


Our long leg version height is 30″~32”.   Some of our tall customers (>6’) actually request another 6” in height to 36″~38” total height.  The criterion to judge is your elbow height.   When you hold the wok, you would prefer the stove + wok (~4”) total height to be a bit lower (~4″) than your elbow (with you standing on ground), such that when you lift the wok, your forearm is at the most comfortable position. 

We do have a lot of customers who build our products into their outdoor kitchens.  You usually get the short leg version, cut a hole that is a bit smaller that the top of the wind guard, such that the wind guard can sit into the hole.