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Do you know how long after cooking it takes to cool off enough to pack it up?


What is the weight of the PowerFlamer propane 160 stove? Long legs included if that matters.

Do you know how long after cooking it takes to cool off enough to pack it up? We can probably calculate this from the material and mass of the main burner section and max temperature.

I’m wondering how portable this would be for camping.


Weight of a long leg PowerFlamer stove is about 24lbs.   The stove surrounding material should remain cool during cooking.  The only thing needing to cool down is the cast iron burner top plate of ~1lbs.   For temperature you can assume max of 500C.  Please reply back your calculation result of time to cool. 

You can unscrew the long legs off.  The stove results as a short leg version.  The short leg version and long legs pack nicely as portable.


WE have not seen your reply with your theoretical calculation on time to cool for the burner yet.   We took the experiment route.  After cooking our pot stickers for dinner, we took the measurement.   Initially the burner is at 227.3C with flame still on with below picture.    

Burner Beginning Temp

We collect data along 25 minutes until the burner temperature drops to about 50C.   Below is a plot.

Burner Cool Off Temp vs Time

The burner looks like having a time constant about 16 minutes.   Below is a picture when we stop the measurement. 

Burner End Temp

It looks like you can pack the stove 30 minutes after cooking.  Let us know if there is any question.