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Clogged burner?

Customer (PF13L160):

I left the burner outside in the rain and it might have rusted a bit and clogged. It’s outputting very little flame. Do you have any suggestions on how to clean/unclog it?  Thanks.


Sorry to hear this.  Here are some steps you can check:

1.  Lift the stove up such that the valve end of the burner facing down, to drain any water out of the burner.
2.  Lift the tank up and feel if it is empty.  If it is too light weighted, it needs to be changed.
3.  Unscrew the regulator side of the hose connector from the tank.  Re-connect it back to the tank.   When you turn on the tank valve, do you observe and hear gas hissing sound as coming out of the tank?  If not, the connection to the tank needs to be re-done.
4.  Although we install spider mesh to the burner inlet, there might still be some small gap between the valve copper orifice and the spider mesh.  This may allow small spider to go into the burner pipe and build spider web.    In this case you will need to unscrew the burner off the stove support base, unscrew the two screws on bottom of the burner holding the top burner plate to the rest of the burner, shine a flash light from the valve end into the burner pipe to check if there is any spider web.   If find any web, clean it out using stiff wire.

Let us know any further question.


Sorry for wasting your time.   I think I was turning the wrong knob.  I turned the right one (with the on/off sticker, the one closer to the thin copper tube — is that for air?) and I think I should be turning the left one (without sticker).  Now that I’ve messed up the position of the right knob, roughly where should it be?  Right now, it’s all the way closed, which seems to work okay.  Thanks again.

The right valve (knob) is for the pilot light (thin copper tube).   If you are using a BBQ ignitor, you should always shut off the right valve.   The left valve (knob) is controlling the burner power.

Let us know further question.