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Comparison to commercial burners


Hi,   I’m just getting into the wok world so bear with me since I’m still learning. I have a couple quick questions. 

– How does the PowerFlamer 160 compare to commercial heavy duty wok ranges? The setup looks quite similar assuming I get the stand. The one I’m looking at is 

Radiance TAWR-13 17-7/8″x34-1/8″ Wok Gas Range Duck Burner 13″ Opening

Spec sheet:

– How do you calculate the BTU for the PowerFlamer? It looks like it’s high than most commercial woks out there.

– Will I be able to leave the PowerFlamer outdoors through rain and winter assuming I use a cover? Will there be concerns around condensation and parts getting wet or corroded?

Thanks so much. 


Thanks for the links to Radiance burner.   It is interesting. 

  1. Radiance burner is 4 times as heavy as PowerFlamer.   It will be more stable than PowerFlamer.   With 130lbs, you need one or two more persons to help you set it up.   This is not a problem in commercial environment as they pay to install the entire kitchen anyway.  Our stove is portable, easily handled by one person in the home environment.  It is easier to compare Radiance burner with our PowerFlamer natural gas stoves.  Both use jet type burners.  Radiance requires ¾” connection, which is typical for commercial installation.   You will pay a professional plumber for installation.    We develop our stoves specially for residential usage.  Our installation process is easier to apply for residential.   Homeowner handyman typically sets it up themselves.
  2. We build prototype and test to get our BTU number with typical residential natural gas line.
  3. With a cover, the stove should be protected well from direct rain and snow.  However, since it is exposed all the time outdoor, it is still subject to moisture.   Stove body and burner can develop rust.  This does not affect performance and functioning of the stove, only to its look.   In fact, we have been using the same stove body for last 20 years in our own backyard.

Hope we answer your question.