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Hose clamp

Customer (PF13L160EI + Carbon Steel Wok Set): 

I open my wok package today.  I was disturbed to see the use of screw-down clamps instead of crimped connection for the propane gas line.  I don’t think this is safe.  Do you know the size of the hose and fittings so I can buy a pre-made hose with crimped-on connectors?  What is the rating of the regulator?


We can’t do a complete crimped type hose for this stove because of the valve assembly requiring a hose barb connection.    We have a lot of customers using our stove as we make it – screw-down clamped hose.   There is no pre-made hose out on the market that will fit to this stove valve assembly.   We make it to order. 


Some more detail,  the hose has proper press crimped stainless clamp with the regulator.   It is the burner valve side where we have to use a worm type screw-down clamp.   Typical application is that the cook will have to turn on the propane tank valve before using the stove to cook.   If there is any leak from the regulator along the hose path to the burner, the regulator will detect it and will not give full pressure power output.   The cook should be able to smell gas leak as well.   At this point the cook should stop and start diagnosis where the leak is to correct it.      

Our manual stove PF13L160 no long uses worm type screw-down clamp.    There will be fewer chances of gas leak.  However if there is a gas leak, replacement cost and fixing it is much costly.  

Let me know if this makes you feel better and please let us know any further question.