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Shipping to Canada


Hi there – Looking at your natural gas single outdoor burner for backyard maple syrup production. Do you ship to Canada?  What’s the timing?  Thanks.


Yes we ship to Canada.   It takes 5~10 business days to deliver.

My street has quite a few maple trees.   We are in California.   I never see them giving sap.   The tree trunk is about 1 foot in diameter.   Do you know they are good to give sap yet?  Bests.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and the info on the shipping to Canada.  Is the burner CSA approved?

I tap sugar maples here in Canada. Not sure what type of maples you may have in California – I assume you must be in northern CA to have maple trees.  The tree trunk has to be a minimum of 12 inches in diameter at 3 feet above the ground to safely tap.  There’s lots of info available online for backyard hobbiests who make some syrup. If you try it, be sure to boil outside – you concentrate sap at a rate of 40:1 approximately so it is a lot of evaporation and not good for indoors!

I am about to finish my first gallon of syrup for this year and will start my 2nd gallon over the weekend.  Enjoy!


Thanks for your information on tapping and how to concentrate maple sap.   All maple trees on my street belong to the city.  Though they are all about 1 foot in diameter and at least 30 feet tall, the city may not like people tapping into any tree.    When I go back home, I can send you some pictures of the tree outside my garage for you to identify what kind of maple it is.

In terms CSA approved,  safety is related to the hose hookup and valves for any natural gas stove.   We know how to make UL/CSA type of hose hookup.   We will need to check the valves.   Most likely we are able to make CSA approved equivalent burner for you, however we don’t go out to get the certificate.   To be safe, what burner product are you interested?  Once we know which product, we can do further investigation.  Bests.