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How can i pay with credit card?


how can i pay with credit card?


When there is inventory on our web page, our web page will enable (not gray out) the “Add to cart” button.   After you are successful in adding the product on to a shopping cart, our web page shopping cart will direct you to a secure Paypal web page where you can pay with credit card or Paypal account.    

There is scenario where you will end up empty even if you are able to add the product to a shopping cart.   Please read for detail. 

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HOW can I call you??? Your web site is not secure.


HOW can I call you??? Your web site is not secure. I’d like to order. thanks.


Our web site is not secure.  However after choosing the product and filling in necessary shipping information, you will need to click on one of the Paypal button in order to place an order.   At this time, a secure Paypal window shows up to handle your financial transaction.   We don’t collect your credit card or any financial information. 

In case you still need to call us, please leave a voicemail at xxx-646-xxxx.   We will call you back.


An alternate way to order is to fill in our contact form with your shipping address, email address, phone number and product information.   We can send you an Paypal invoice to pay.  This completely bypasses our web site shopping cart ordering process.  Hope this helps.