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More Stable Legs of the Burner?


Do you have a BETTER design of the PROPANE 160 EI outdoor stove burner in terms of “MORE STABLE legs of the burner”? I don’t like to see it tips over. 


Making it more stable means putting more weight on it.  We don’t like to charge more to ship heavy weight.  We have two solutions for this:

 1.  Use our leg stabilizers.   Please see  Please see the “Usage Examples” section.

2. Use a stove stand.  Please see and its “Usage Examples” section.  

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Stability and Cover

Customer (PF13L160/stabilizers/cover): 

What a pleasant surprise to know it’s coming earlier than you first predicted. (You first told me 3-6months.). A quick question I have while I am waiting for stove, regarding blue flame vs yellow flame.  I know we want the flame as blue as possible. So as a general rule, would you say I should just leave maximum air for the bluest flame? Or do you have a recommended air ratio for me?


The stove as shipped has already been adjusted to give blue flame.  However in case, there is a mixing wheel in front of the burner inlet that you can play and adjust. 


I installed the legs as instructed (screws facing inside, inward Bend facing outside). It is still very wobbly and I don’t think these screws are easy to screw in. I do a lot of wok tossing and I’m genuinely afraid it will fall over when I’m cooking and cause major injury…..can you suggest a better solution for me? Also tell me the screw size. I think I’m going to home Depot to get better ones. The ones you provided are hard to screw with my screw driver.

Just used my stove for the first time. I thought I would give you a bit of feedback if that’s all right with you. 

Good: The stove itself works great. The concentrated fire is very powerful. I actually caught grease fire the first time I add oil in wok because I wasn’t aware how hot it gets. That’s something I need to learn. Also absolutely love the pilot light and fire control. Now I can turn fire off and add ingredients , then turn it back on, without feeling rushed.

Need improvement: the legs are fairly stable, I haven’t had accident yet. But still not super confident with it, even with stabilizers. Your stove is advertised as 13″ diameter, but I only measure 11″ inside. So not very big to flip wok against fire-guard like those professional Chinese chef. But you can increase sales for smaller 12″ wok, since that fits perfectly. I bought the cover, that definitely needs improvement. It’s just a basic tarp I can buy from home Depot, doesn’t fit properly and doesn’t look nice.

Overall great product. Communication was great, and you were knowledgeable and fast. I love the Chinese entrepreneur spirit, as I’m Chinese myself. I wish you all the best. Happy holidays.


Thank you for your feedback.  We always want to hear what our customers say on our products.  We are always thinking of how to improve.  A couple points to clarify.  We name our stove 13” by its wok ring adaptor outer diameter.  We understand regular house does not need a restaurant type stove and it will require too big a wok.    Also We purposely do not make the tarp cover down to the ground which will collect dirt and leaves. 


Regarding the cover, what I mean was, it was a bit too big. Perhaps a more fitted smaller one would look more appealing, maybe even with outdoorstirfry logo on it! May I also suggest some clippings for the bottom of cover to secure with the legs. That way on very windy days, the cover won’t fly away. Anyway, that’s just my idea. Hope you find it helpful. Cheers.


Thank you for more information on the cover.  We make the cover for all our stove products.   It is slightly bigger for PowerFlamer propane 160.  We have bigger stove products.   Currently our cover has two versions, one with grummet holes and another with strings at the bottom.   If there are strings on yours, you can use them to strap to the legs of the stove.  If there are only grummet holes, you can come up with a string yourself to tie the grummet holes to the legs of the stove.