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Delivery cost


I am going to admit that it is difficult to find high power burners in the UK and I really like yours. I have few questions though as a complete newbie…

  1. I understand that you can fire the electronic ignition burner manually with a flame too, can you not? (just in case 🙂 )
  1. I have read in your FAQ that you can attach them to UK standard propane tanks.
  1. What would be the delivery charge for PF13CL160EI?
  2. I wonder if you know if propane bottles (small capacity) available in the UK are compatible with your stoves?

Thank you for taking time to answer.


  1. yes you can always use a manual igniter to ignite the flame from the stove burner.
  2. You are right. We do have many UK customers.
  3. We use a POL connector from our stove regulator for order from UK. POL is worldwide compatible.
  4. It typically takes 6~10 business days to reach your UK address.

Let us know any further question.