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Newbie to wok cooking


Hi, I came across your website from a blog. I would like to start cooking on a wok for stir fry and other dishes. I have recently been to Thailand and am in love with the food. We are having a outdoor counter built (of granite) in our lanai, under roof. I would like to use a burner on the granite once built. As you can see it will be along side of house, is this safe or do I need to use out from under roofed area? Then long leg unit? For pool side?

I’ve attached photos of proposed counter/cabinet layout via blue tape. Our counter width will be 24 inches from the wall out. I was going to propose a cabinet underneath to house the propane burner with a hole for the hose to use burner on top. Am I crazy? My husband says he has read all burners should have 2 ft from walls of open space between burner and wall. Please advise if I can use my idea safely or I need to rethink and use stand alone burner not under roof area 😟

I would also like you to recommend safest unit for beginner. I was thinking not self igniting…what are your thoughts? Thank you sooooo much!


Good questions.   Our answer would be a long leg PF13L160 somewhere else not your blue taped area.

Your husband has a good point in a couple aspects – your wall is of wood, the stove should be as far as possible from flammable material.   One foot between a powerful stove and a wooden wall is not right.   If your wall is of stucco or granite around the stove area, we wouldn’t mind only one foot distance.    However high power cooking with oil typically has splashes, it is impossible to clean out stains on stucco.

High power cooking also generates smoky oil vapors.   It is better to have a better ventilated area than your blue taped area.   We are afraid that the smoky vapors will rise and stick to your cover roof.   These become grease, sticky and difficult to clean.

A PowerFlamer PF13L160 would be appropriate for your ground use.    Using the stove is safe because the cook needs to be around during the cooking.    The stove has one valve to turn off and the tank has one valve to shut off gas.


Thank you so much for the honest information.  So important to know before making an investment.

I will check out the recommended product and speak with my husband.

Thank you again!


You are welcome.