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Oil spill

Customer (PF13S160EI): 

Hello!  I hope you are well. I have a question for you if you have time.  I was deep-frying fish last night and had an oil spill onto the burner of my stove, now half of the ring does not burn.  Will this fix itself over time?  Should I unscrew the top plate to clean it?  Thank you for any help!


I guess you mean half of the burner has no flame.  Yes you need to unbolt the top plate to clean the burner and also make sure all holes on the top plate are through and clean.   I guess the oil just occupies half of the holes.  If not cleaned they might be harden in the holes. Hope this helps.


That does help! I’ll do it!  Thank you!

I couldn’t get the burner ring out. I unscrewed the screws, but they wouldn’t come out all the way, though they’re very very loose.  But it seems like the burner plate is attached inside to the entire unit.  Could I try to clean it without taking the plate off?


There are two nuts underneath the burner above the base plate.  Were you able to loose those couple nuts?   After loose these nuts, you should be able to pull the bolts off from top of the burner plate. 


Aaah! Thank you, I’ll try that!

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PF13S160El hose change question

Customer (PF13S160EI/CarbonSteelWok/CastIronWok):

I have the PF13S160EI can I change the hose from the red rubber hose to this: KIBOW 0~30PSI High Pressure Adjustable Propane Regulator w/8FT SS Braided Hose-Type1 (QCC1) and 3/8 Female Flare Swivel Fitting – with Gauge for Forge/Foundry

I like the look of it better for my outdoor kitchen and also I need a longer hose.

Also is there a video that shows how to operate the electric ignition? Thanks!


The hose assembly on amazon has a 3/8″ swivel female fitting.   This can’t fit directly to the valve assembly on the PF13S160EI.   The fitting on the stove valve side is a 3/8″ barb connection.   You will need to make a conversion between a barb and a swivel types.   One way is to cut the hose and plug into the stove valve barb inlet directly.   When use, you will need to turn the regulator at its max pressure.   Also this hose tank connector will limit the gas flow and limit the stove power to 130kBTU/Hr according to its description.

We don’t recall making any video on how to use the electronic ignition.  The valve that does the electronic ignition is on the right hand side.   With everything connected and the propane tank valve open, you should hear hissing sound coming out of the ignition pipe when you slowly turn this right side valve counter clockwise.   You will need to turn it almost 90 degrees in order to hear a clicking sound and see a spark.   Once the ignition pipe ignites and gives a flame toward the main burner, you can turn on the left side valve to ignite the main burner.   As we mentioned in product description, this electronic ignition may not be reliable.  It might take a few tries to ignite.   It is recommended to have a long nose BBQ igniter handy nearby in case it fails to ignite.

Let us know any further question.

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where to install the propane tank – PF13S160EI Outdoor kitchen installation?


Hello, I am wanting to install this into my outdoor kitchen. The counter top is made of concrete, I was just thinking of putting a hole through the countertop and installing a propane tank in the cabinet below the wok. Will that work or do I need to install the propane tank farther away from the wok? Thanks!


A propane tank is ideally placed 2 feet away from the wok stove.    In well ventilated area, we see people putting the tank next to or under the stove.    I would not call an outdoor kitchen cabinet a well ventilated area.