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Customer feedback

Customer (PF13L160EI): 

I have been using my PF13L160EI with a 20lb propane tank for the past two years. The unit is reliable and I love cooking with it: the high pressure opens up new cooking textures and flavors. Your website clearly mentions the electronic ignition—which reliably produces a spark but doesn’t reliably ignite the pilot line—which is the only fault. If only you could solve my cold winters, which decrease my propane pressure. Happy customer!


Thank you for your feedback.   You mentioned that electronic ignition in cold weather is not reliable.   Electronic (piezo type) ignition head deteriorates over weather and can be hard to ignite.  We would suggest to use a long nose BBQ igniter and treat it as a manual stove.   Sorry for the inconvenience.


It’s a two year-old PF13L160EI with barb connectors, yellow tape and hose clamps at both ends.

Earlier this spring the hose suddenly popped off the stove connection and turned into a flame thrower. Fortunately I was nearby, yelped in surprise and grabbed it, pointing the hose somewhere safe while turning off the tank. 

This taught me about the amount of pressure in the line. I’ve probably overtightened the clamps now, just to be sure that this doesn’t happen again. I no longer take the safety of this thing for granted, but check the connections often. 

The material of the hose appears to be breaking down, particularly close to the regulator, and since a crack in the hose could be disastrous I feel that it’s time to change it.

I’d like to replace the hose with a more durable material. I have my cooker on a small iron frame/tile top table with the propane tank underneath. I rarely move the setup, so the hose stays immobile and I don’t step on it. It’s located under a roofed patio so the hose doesn’t receive direct moisture or direct sun. It is exposed to -20C to +35C air temperatures over the course of a year.

Your recommendations are welcomed!


You have a PF13L160EI stove.  I agree with you, stir frying is high power.   The cook should be nearby.   Frequent check up is also necessary to prevent running into dangerous situation you experienced earlier.  

Your hose has deteriorated.   We can send you a stainless braided hose as replacement.