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Wok questions


Hello, I was just curious but what is the maximum size wok that you would recommend using with the Powerflamer Propane 160? I have a 14 inch flat bottom for indoor use and recently put in an order for a 14 inch round bottom wok. However, I was thinking about going bigger since this has the power to accommodate a 16 inch wok for example. That being said, I was thinking about staying to the 14 inch regardless since a 16 inch is quite unwieldy.

Also, I forgot to write in the previous communication but does it matter what type of wok is used (e.g. pow vs the one linked below)? I purchased the pow wok but am also considering purchasing the one below at a later date. However, I am not sure if that would work well with the Powerflamer.


About size of wok, the PowerFlamer stove can handle >20” wok as its flame surround bottom of the wok.  In terms of handling weight, smaller size wok is preferred, especially if you plan to toss.  In terms of serving size, of course bigger wok can accommodate more people.   We personally use 14” wok. 

The stove wind guard has one side (about ¼” perimeter) with high wall which blocks flame.  This is where the wok handle should be placed before hand touches.   1 ear of a two-ear wok will be exposed to flame.   People hand can be burnt if accidentally touches the hot ear (sometime people’s mind travels miles away from task in front of their face).   We would prefer your so-called pow wok with only one long handle. 

Let us know if there is any further question.