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Propane or natural gas for PowerFlamer 160?


Hi there, I am interested in your burner.  I have a natural gas outlet to my house and debating between natural gas and propane.  Is natural gas hot enough for wok or should I just stick with propane tank.  Is it easy to switch between natural gas and propane if I need to cook outside my home? (Friend’s house or camping?).  How long does it take for one to ship these days?  Thanks


Our PowerFlamer natural and propane stoves have the same max rating.  So they should achieve the same heat level.   However they are not interchangeable between fuel types.   PowerFlamer natural gas stove can’t be used with propane fuel.  PowerFlamer propane stove can’t be used with natural gas.  Our lead time from order to ship is around 6 months.  Sorry for the long lead time.


Thank you for your reply.  Look forward to doing some woking!  I can be patient..
Which power flamer is most popular? I think propane makes more sense for me but does the propane tank last for a while?  If not, natural gas might be better long term….  is it useful to get the propane bottle? (Coleman camping bottle?  Does it last long?  Like to be practical….I read the electric ignition is nice to have. 
What size wok works best?  (Minimum size)


Our propane stoves are more popular than natural gas one for now.  Among propane stoves, both manual and electronic ignition are equal popular.  With electronic ignition, you don’t need a long nose BBQ ignitor nearby.  However you might need to strike several times before successful.   Besides the electronic ignition can NOT be used as a pilot flame. 

For us only cooking 1~2 dishes a day, a propane tank lasts about 3~4 months.  One customer wants to achieve wok hei for every of his dish, his tank only lasts a little over 1 month since he spends quite some time to heat up his wok before actual cooking.  Each 1lb propane bottle lasts a night if you go camping or hiking. 

We recommend wok size of 14~16”.  We personally use 14”.