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Product questions



!) Why does, PowerFlamer Propane 160 – Long Lead Time, say “These stoves are the same as our regular PowerFlamer propane 160 except with long lead time from order to ship “. If its the same as your regular, then why should I buy the one with a long lead time (longer to receive ?) ? Then what is your “regular” PowerFlamer propane 160 ???

2) What is the thing made from? cast iron ??? Why wouldn’t you state what your product is made from???

3) The max BTU/hr is 160k BTU/Hr, but what is the max psi ??? why not state this in product description ???

4) What is tank or tank and bottle option ??? propane tank ? What is the bottle ???

5) Why doesn’t it tell me the shipping amount after i filled out all of the information to compute shipping? (shipping to Pennsylvania, 19067 USA)

6) I’m a serious buyer, but why is the description of your products so vague? Are you trying to save screen pixels ?

7) how long is the current lead time to USA ? Where are you located ?


  1.  Our regular PowerFlamer 160 products are meant to be fast ship – according to consumer’s norm – they expect the product to be ship right away after they place their order.  And we are not able to ship fast.  Therefore, we create this long lead time identical products such that there is no confusion or even outrage from paid customer. 
  2. Our stoves are made of various materials – cast iron, steel, galvanized etc.
  3. Our stoves run with various PSI to achieve their rated max power.
  4.  Please read
  5. The shopping cart should be able to estimate the shipping cost after all information are filled.  For example, shipping charge is $38 to PA with one single bulky item like a PowerFlamer propane 160 stove.
  6. Comment from potential customers like you will make our description better along the time.
  7. 3 months.  California.