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Ho to explain to my builder what type of pipe he needs to drive the PowerFlamer propane 160?


  1.  Do you have any clients who have built in their Power Propane 160’s into their outdoor kitchens?  Any chance you have pictures?  
  2.  My home will have a large propane tank, with pipes run to all appliances indoor and out.  Is there a particular sized pipe I will beed to get the BTU’s your units are capable of?


  1.  We have customers building outdoor kitchen with PowerFlamer propane 160.  Unfortunately we did not ask for picture.   Simple thing to observe when building the kitchen with the stove:  maintain air flow from bottom of the stove.   Many customers simply cut a hole slightly smaller than the wind guard top part such that the stove sits snuggly on the counter. 
  2. To the stove you will need to maintain high pressure >30 PSI.   Many home big tanks are installed such that only low pressure (~0.5PSI) comes out.  This is not right for PowerFlamer propane 160 stove.   Size the pipe such that it can deliver 200kBTU/Hr continuously.