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Outdoor Kitchen Building Questions


Hello, I stumbled across your website from a chowhound discussion forum….otherwise you never came up in my google searches.

I am looking to build an outdoor wok/frying station for my outdoor kitchen which is a single long countertop. My plan is to have a stainless steel or tile countertop, and to cut a hole into which this

unit will sit. I will create a bottom bracket with durock cement board to insulate the bottom of the unit. If you would like a sketch, let me know and I can send it to you.

Is this possible? Also, if I wanted to replace the valves you provide with a panel-mounted valve is this also possible. It’s hard to tell from the photos what types of connectors are on the unit and can be removed. I assume if I remove the valve and install a single valve, then I would have to light the burner using a match or long butane lighter, correct?

Thank you. If the unit fits my specifications, I will purchase one. I am considering the PF13L160 for now since my kitchen is not build, and I can start to use it with the stand. Once I get the counter built, I will remove the legs and install it like I described above.

Can you send some pictures of the side/top/bottom views of the unit? I would like to make sure I am taking all the structural features into account in my design.


For pictures,  we will need to take them.  Give us a couple of days to supply.

We do have quite a few customers building outdoor kitchen with our stoves.

It is good to create a bottom support for the stove.   However we recommend not to fully seal up the bottom as the stove relies on drawing air (oxygen) from bottom for combustion.    You can send the sketch to us.   We will comment.

The stove valve assembly is an integral piece of the stove.   You can find a panel mount valve, although we don’t know where to find one.    You can then run the gas supply to this panel valve first before passing to PF13L160.    You have to leave the valve wide open and resort to your panel valve for power adjustment.    You will not be able to use the pilot light function and will need to shut the pilot light valve off all the time.    PF13L160 stove is a manual stove.  It always requires a BBQ long nose igniter to ignite.

In terms of search, “stir fry” is too generic.   Combination of “outdoor” and “stir fry” will bring us up.    We enable high power environmentally friendly cooking at home.

Let ‘s know any further question.


Thanks. I’ll put together a drawing for your feedback. Can you confirm the dimensions on your website are accurate – 13″ outer diameter and 7″ height? I assume this means that if I rest the unit on a support which is recessed by 7″ then the top of the burner will be flush with the countertop, right?

Based on your description, I think it’s better to avoid the panel mount, and just leave an opening for me to access the controls you provide by hand. Do you agree?  Thank you for your prompt response.


We can measure the height for you.

Flush is not a good idea as the top wok adapter needs to go down a bit (~5~10mm).   The top wok adapter has a glove that sits on the wind guard top.   Almost want to suggest you have the stove at hand before construction of your outdoor kitchen.

Cutting a hole big enough in front of the panel for the stove control valves to protrude and be accessible is a good idea.


Thanks. I was sketching it up as you emailed me. Here’s my initial thoughts, but sounds like some adjustment is required based on your feedback. The pictures of the ‘glove’ and ‘adaptor’ would be helpful.

It’s definitely my plan to purchase the unit before I start to build the kitchen. I just want to make sure this will work so I don’t have to go through the process of buying and returning.

In terms of managing the propane tubing, can I install a right angle hose adaptor where you have the hose sleeve so the tubing doesn’t have to come out of the front of the kitchen?

If you have any thoughts to share, I’d appreciate it. If I can sort out the major issues today, I’ll place an order.


Thanks for the sketch.   I misspelled “Groove” as “Glove”.

The valve assemble has its inlet coming out to the front.  You can install a 90 degree barb coupling to turn the hose down instead of to the front.    If you can live with 130KBTU stove like PF13S130EI at   The hose comes out from its side.

I agree with you.   We don’t enjoy return either.  We prefer our customer to make up their mind before ordering.


Attached are the dimensions.   Let us know if we miss anything.


I reviewed the dimensions carefully – thank for the detailed information. I think i will probably not proceed with the counter cutout and dropping in the unit…it’s a more expensive option and also I’m a bit concerned about counter combustible materials in contact with the hot unit while cooking. Instead, I’m going to drop down the counter to make a lower counter for ~24″ and the unit will sit on that. Plus I’ll drop it low enough so I can cook with the wok, but also put a grate over the top so i can use a regular pot or pan if I want. I’ll fine tune the exact height once it’s here so it all works out. I’ve attached 2 views of what I think it will look like when finished. If you have any thoughts/concerns please let me know.

So now it’s just a question of which unit the 160kBTU manual one or the 130kBTU unit you also pointed out with the right angle hose. As you can see from the side view, the control knob will stick out quite a bit, assuming I keep the burner centered on the counter which seems to make sense. If the hose is coming out from there, I think it won’t look that great, plus it might also get in the way. For this reason I’m leaning towards the 130kBTU unit (

When I read the description of this unit you state it can deliver either 30 or 130 kBTU, but it can also go between 0 and 30. I interpret this to mean there is fine control up to 30 and then it quickly goes to 130. Is that correct?

Are there any other differences between the two units I should be aware of? The regulator looks different from a conventional US style one, but I assume it will connect to a typical 20lb propane tank.

I look forward to your response, and appreciate your advice on this project.


Thanks for your pictures of your design.

The wind guard of the stove typically stays cool during cooking.   The burner flamer will surround your wok only.   So even if you stay with the hole cutting idea, the stove would not heat up your counter top that much.

All what you says about PF13L130EI stove is correct.


OK…I just purchased the PF13L130EI . Looking forward to trying it out.


OK and thanks.  We will ship in next couple days.