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Difference of burners


Could you pleace explain products between EasyFlamer EF13SQN50WG vs EasyFlamer EF13SFN50WG suvh as a BTU so on?

I tried to figure out with spec on your web site, but not difference between those two beside a quick connect hose.   Thanks.


You are right.  Both stoves have the same maximum BTU/Hr rating.  The difference between these two are:

  1. EF13SQN50WG – goes with a set of quick connectors and a rubber hose.
  2. EF13SFN50WG – goes with a 3/8″ flare male connector. You will need to buy a yellow stainless flexible gas tube from your local hardware store to connect between your gas line and the stove.    Some local city installation code requires this type of installation.

Hope this helps.