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New Generation of PF13x160 stoves improves further!

Our new generation of PF13x160 stoves, which include PF13L160, PF13S160, PF13CL160 and PF13CS160, has improvements on various areas:

  • The long leg stoves are much more sturdier by our new leg design to accommodate the long leg adapter.
  • The burner pipe design is adjusted such that our short leg stoves are more stable when stand along.
  • Burner flame adjustment is much smoother and continuous.
  • Pilot light, when lit, is more stable.
  • Our stainless braided hose and regulator assembly can now be detached from the burner, following to industry standard. 
  • Our wok adapter has been redesigned not to block any flame from the burner.   

For stoves detail please visit the product page.  


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About SSL and HTTPS vs where should search engines rank knowledge for human kind

2018/6/17 – We use to set appropriate contents coming to our home.   There was one time out of curiosity we search if any category people would want to categorize to.   This link gives the outcome as of today:

People think that our web site provides valuable information for research/reference, i.e., general knowledge for human kind.   It is our long belief that human knowledge should be made public and as low cost as possible.   If you ever read how came around by reading our “About Us” article at, you would know that we came to business because of various cost issues, for example paying the government for maintaining the patents.   It is always our goal of keeping the cost minimum such that our customer and general public can access our knowledge at the lowest cost.    Now we are pushed by search engines like Google and our web hosting vendor to increase cost by providing SSL/HTTPS, we do sincerely hope that search engines can differentiate what is for human kind knowledge and what is for business purpose.    And it is our belief that providing human kind knowledge should always rank higher than any commercial information no matter the knowledge is rendered by SSL/HTTPS or not.

2018/6/1 – We have been notified by our hosting vendor that Google will start to downgrade any web site that does not do SSL/HTTPS.    As for now and ever our web site will not do secure transaction.   All purchases from our web site are directed to the secure Paypal web site.   In this way our customer’s private financial data is actually handled and secured by Paypal not by us.   We feel this is the best way as we like to be open in our information while only protecting (securing) private financial data as necessary.

We have a long term commitment in the web site hosting with our vendor.   We have investigated into the cost of scraping this long term contract and modifying by adding this SSL/HTTPS feature onto our web site.  We feel the cost is a bit pricey at this time.   We might do it sometime in the future.

If you have strong opinion about what we need to do in either direction, please fill out our contact form here to let us know.

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Electronic Ignition Function in our 1 Burner Low Pressure Stove

This applies to our low pressure EasyFlamer 1 burner stoves, both propane and natural gas.   Behind the front power adjusting knob and under the burner pipe and front cover there is an electronic ignition valve assembly.  The electronic ignition function can be unreliable and its ability to ignite can vary from unit to unit and under different weather conditions.   We advise to always have a manual BBQ long nose igniter handy when the electronic ignition function is not working.   Please be aware that this product shipped from us may not have a functioning electronic ignition.  In this case the stove is functioning as a manual one.

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New generation PF13xx160 stoves arrive.

We welcome our new generation of our manual high power 13″ propane stove family PF13xx160. The new generation incorporates following improvements:

1. ACME type 1 QCC connector becomes available and standard for North America market. We can substitute this connector with a worldwide POL type based upon request.  If international customer does not specify, we also use POL for international customer as default.

2.  The hose is not protected by stainless braid cover.

3.  The burner is protected with a spider guard.

4.  The burner top plate is now secured.

For detail and order please go to here.