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How tall should the cart be for an averaged height person?


Is the Power Flamer with IEI a newer model to the Power Flamer with EI?  I assume there is a benefit for the extra $60? From your videos, it looks like the burner configuration has changed?
Also, If I build a wide metal cart with a properly sized hole in the middle to hold the wok, how tall should the cart be for an averaged height person?   Thanks in advance


IEI is a newer addition to our product list.   It comes out because of one of our strongest patents.   Sometimes people like indoor gas range single knob approach.  For further difference between EI and IEI, please read

We would recommend table height around 2.5’.

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Introducing PowerFlamer Integrated Electronic Ignition (IEI) Propane 160 Stoves

PowerFlamer integrated electronic ignition (IEI) propane 160 stoves integrate the electronic ignition function into the single front control knob.   For detail please visit the product page.  To start the stove flame, the front knob is pushed in and turned to its left.   When it reaches close to its 90 degree turn,  a clicking sound indicates an electronic strike and spark attempting to ignite the ignition flame.   If the ignition flame is successful, the gas going out of the ignition copper tube should carry the ignition flame toward to the top of the main burner to ignite the main burner flame.   Once the front control knob is released and no longer pressed in, the ignition path will be cut off.  The ignition flame is automatically shut off.  The main burner flame remains and is adjustable via the turn angle of the front control knob.  

About 10~15 years ago, we carried integrated electronic ignition (IEI) propane stoves.   However we were not satisfied on its only two power settings.   We discontinued offering them for sale from our website.  

With years of R&D and desire to improve, our development work is able to secure USPTO patents to achieve continuous flame adjustment for our own PowerFlamer integrated electronic ignition (IEI) propane 160 stoves.  To watch how the flame is smoothly adjustable, please see the video “PowerFlamer Integrated Electronic Ignition Propane 160 Stove Flame” on our product documentation page.      

The new PowerFlamer IEI propane 160 stoves inherit other key features from our PowerFlamer propane 160 family stove products, such as spider mesh, adjustable wok adaptor orientation, long leg adaption, long leg stabilizable, configurable to propane tank (20 lbs.) or bottle (1 lb.) .  For detail please visit the product page.