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Differences of 160EI and 160IEI and Stand Question


I see the FAQ about the differences of 160EI and 160IEI. Other than the separate knobs, is one system more reliable than the other or lower maintenance? If the electronic ignition has issues, are there parts to replace? Is there any warranty on the wok burners?

I am interested in the steel stand, but see it is currently out of stock. How does the powerflamer 160 mounted/secured to the stand?


Both systems should have about the same reliability and maintenance.   Some people prefer integrated knob control while others prefer separate control.   Since the IEI ignition has a cover, the cover can protect better the ignition section to be damaged in case the stove falls.   If the electronic ignition has issue, its entire assembly will need to be replaced entirely.  We support our customers on whatever problem they are facing.  However, we don’t offer any warranty.

On how to use the stand, you can look at the “Usage Examples” section of the product web page.


Is the stand plug and play or do you need to install it?.  Also is the stand more sturdier?


The stand goes as parts.  Customer will need to install it.  Installing it is straight forward.   We don’t provide installation guide.   The stand is quite light weight, 11lbs.  It does not provide better stability than the stabilizer approach.  To increase stability, heavy objects like concrete block/bricks are needed to be placed on the stand.  For usage examples, please see “Usage Examples” section of the product page  


Is the stove significantly more stable in the cart compared to when it’s on legs?  Does the stove cover fit over the cart as well? If not, do you know of a cover that does?


The stand is quite light weight, 11lbs.  It does not provide better stability than the stabilizer approach.  To increase stability, heavy objects like concrete block/bricks are needed to be placed on the stand.  For usage examples, please see “Usage Examples” section of the product page  

Our stove cover fits the stand as well.  For pictures, please see “Usage Examples” section of the product


Will the stove stand with bricks to weigh it down be more stable than the stabilizer approach? My #1 concern is that the setup doesn’t tip over.


With heavy objects on both stand and stabilizers, stability depends on joints in the system.  For the stand, joints are between legs and top cover, between legs and lower shelf.  For the stabilizers, joints are between the stabilizers and legs, between legs and stoves.   In this case the stand might provide slight better stability. 

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Difference between PowerFlamer 160EI and 160IEI


I am trying to determine the difference between your Powerflamer 160EI and the Powerflamer 160IEI. Is the ignition and throttle just wrapped in a more aesthetic enclosure on the 160IEI? Do both units perform the same?


PowerFlamer 160EI has separate knobs for ignition and main burner flame control.  PowerFlamer 160IEI has one knob for both ignition and main burner flame control.  The control of the PowerFlamer 160IEI is closer to indoor gas range knob. 

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How tall should the cart be for an averaged height person?


Is the Power Flamer with IEI a newer model to the Power Flamer with EI?  I assume there is a benefit for the extra $60? From your videos, it looks like the burner configuration has changed?
Also, If I build a wide metal cart with a properly sized hole in the middle to hold the wok, how tall should the cart be for an averaged height person?   Thanks in advance


IEI is a newer addition to our product list.   It comes out because of one of our strongest patents.   Sometimes people like indoor gas range single knob approach.  For further difference between EI and IEI, please read

We would recommend table height around 2.5’.

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Questions on electronic ignition options, stand and cover.


Hi, I’ve seen many people on YouTube cook with your burner and it looks to be the best for outside wok cooking. I have a few questions.

The difference between regular one and integrated electronic ignition is just the auto starter right or are there more differences? Do both have pilot flame for low heat cooking times?

I really like the stove stand, I assume that fits your burners perfectly right, just put them in and be done?

What are the stabilizers and curious what color the stove cover is? If I get the stove stand do you have cover for that as well?

Thanks very excited to have found you guys will do some videos on Facebook and probably get you more customers


  1. For difference between EI and IEI options, please read  Electronic ignition can’t serve as pilot flame.  Only our manual ignition option has a built-in pilot flame.
  2. Our PowerFlamer propane 160 short leg stove can drop onto the top hole on the stand. 
  3. Please click on “Usage Example” on the product page to see how stabilizers are used for more stable legs.  
  4. Please click on “Usage Examples” on the stand product page to see 2 colors examples. 


Thank you for quick response!  So if I want the stove stand and don’t care about using a lighter to initially light it I want the PowerFlamer Propane 160 with short legs and manual ignition?  Since I will have stand won’t need stabilizers correct?

For stand if I get wheels they can be locked it looks like in picture.

Will be ordering today just want to get exactly what I need.  Very excited to get your product and do proper wok cooking!  Right now even when wok is 585 degrees it falls to 180 the sec cold chicken or meat hit pan!  I end up cooking food with steam and not the searing hot pan I want/need!  🙂  I don’t think people realize they NEED your product!


  1. Your selection of short leg manual stove is correct for stand.
  2. The stand wheels have lock.  The stand is not that stable either when considering how people do their wok tossing, please click on “Usage Examples” on the stand product page to see pictures of heavy objects on the stand lower shelf for more stable cooking.
  3. Please watch 2nd video “How to know when to stop increasing power to a PowerFlamer propane/natural gas 160/120 stove?”  on our product documentation page when increasing the stove power flame. 


Was going to order but a little nervous about comment about stability of stand.  Can propane fit under the burner to give it more weight?  How heavy is burner?  I think my wife would complain if I put bricks on it, maybe I could put some of our cast iron pans we keep inside on it they’re quite heavy.  I could cook with a big cast iron pan on this as well if I want to do seared steaks or smash burgers right?

I have a pit boss flat top grill I plan to get rid of and focus on wok and cast iron pan cooking on your device hopefully.  I want the functionality with something that looks nice so wife doesn’t complain all the time.  🙂


The height between two shelves of the stand does not fit a propane tank if you consider height of stove coming down from the top shelf hole.   A short leg PowerFlamer propane stove has weight about 23lbs. 

If your and wife’s wok cooking does not involve much wok tossing which can carry an edge of the stove which in turn affects the stand, you don’t have to worry much about the stability.   We are user to the stove with long legs ourselves for last 20 years.   We don’t have any stabilizers since our cooking style does not involve tossing.  Even if we toss (a few times in last 20 years), we make sure to lift the entire wok out of stove not to affect the stove.



Below are answers to some FAQ.  If you don’t see answer to your question, please use the search box at bottom of the page to search our site.   In case you cannot find answer by searching, you can always contact us.  

what is the last option of tank and bottle or just tank?

Inquiry: what is the last option of tank and bottle or just tank? I do not understand the difference between the two. Outdoorstirfry: “Tank and Bottle” option enables the burner to work with a 20lbs tank or a 1lb bottle. “Tank” option the burner can only work with a 20lbs tank.

I would like to know what the difference is between PF13L160 and PF13CL160.

Inquiry:  I would love to hear when they are back in stock. Also I would like to know what the difference is between those two. Outdoorstirfry:  You are in the to-be-notified list now. About the difference between PF13L160 and PF13CL160, PF13L160 will only work with a 20lbs propane tank.  PF13CL160 can work with a 20lbs […]

What is the difference between configurable and non configurable?

Inquiry: What is the difference between configurable and non configurable?  I did not understand the explanation. Outdoorstirfry: The non-configurable version can only work with a regular 20lb propane tank.  The configurable one can work with both 20lbs tank and 1lb propane bottle. Let us know if there is further question.

What is the difference in the pf13L130 and the pf13CL130?

Inquiry: What is the difference in the pf13L130 and the pf13CL130? Outdoorstirfry: PF13CL130 can be used to connect to both a 20lbs propane tank and a 1lb throw away propane bottle.   PF13L130 could only be connected to a 20lbs propane tank.

Difference between configurable and non-configurable stoves.

Inquiry: I have a standard backyard propane tank for my BBQ. Which of these do I order if I just want to attach it to my existing tank. I am a bit confused as to “configurable” vs “not configurable”. Does configurable mean have to buy and add an adaptor to your regulator before I can […]

why the Electronic Ignition is so much more expensive and does it worth it?

Inquiry: I’m interested to order your high pressure wok burner, I see you have 2 products in the list and the difference is basically Electronic Ignition or Manual Ignition (am I right?) while the price is different by $60. My question is why the Electronic Ignition is so much more expensive and does it worth […]

PowerFlamer questions

explain difference between manual and electronic ignitions, tank and bottle options.

PF160 MI or EI

Difference between PowerFlamer propane 160 manual and electronic ignition.

Product suggestion

Inquiry:  Can you help me with product selection? Looking for high output, propane tank only, work burner with legs. Question. Are there any special advantage to electronic ignition?  (Very easy for me to use stick lighter and electronic ignition feels like more things tat could go wrong.) Also, I see that there is a new […]

Questions on PF13L160EI

Inquiry:  Hello, I’m looking to purchase, but have a few questions.     1) The PF13L160EI, is there any other difference between this and the manual ignition, besides the ignition? Has the electronic ignition gotten better? I read some of ur archived info, and it seems the electric ignition isn’t too reliable, and I think it’s […]

Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor

The Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor is only for PowerFlamer 130 stove. It does not work on PowerFlamer 160 stoves.

Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor Question

No flat bottom cookware adaptor for PowerFlamer propane 160 and natural gas 160/120 stoves. Flat bottom cookware with diameter >13″ can be placed directly on top of the stove.

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Some Questions for PowerFlamer Propane Stoves.


Hi – I had a few questions: on the IEI it says it cannot be reliably lighted so we should have a long igniter.
1, is it hard to ignite the non-IEI version or can we just have the non-IEI and long igniter?
2. what is the benefit of the IEI?
3. is the bottle just a small version of the tank or some other differences?
4. how much does the tank weigh, and how much does the bottle weigh?
5. do you sell the tanks and bottles or where can I buy them?


  1.  Same ignition problem exists for the regular electronic version (EI).  For any electronic ignition, it is usual to strike a few times before successful. 
  2. Please read
  3. Please read
  4. When full, the propane in a tank may weigh between 15~20lbs,  it weighs about 1lb in a bottle.
  5. We only sell stoves that work with tank/bottle.   We don’t sell tank or bottle.  You can get tank and bottle from any hardware store.
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Electronic ignition stays on as pilot flame?


Question about the pilot light… on your website it says that the electronic ignition does NOT have a pilot light that can stay on. However, in Kenji’s video I see that he has the electronic ignition, and his pilot stays on during cooking. Which is the correct answer? Thank you!


The concern is when the electronic ignition flame stays on, it continues to heat up the ignition tip which carries the heat through the white plastic part and the ignition black wire.   Potential result is that the continuing ignition flame will melt the white plastic tip and the black insulation around the ignition wire.   Temperature on any plastic or rubber part will shorten its life for sure. 

Our PowerFlamer propane 160 integrated electronic ignition stove solves this problem by not allowing the electronic ignition to stay on.  


So if I get the IEI version, can I have electronic ignition and have the pilot light stay on? And also, what are the other advantages of the IEI system? 


The IEI version does not have any pilot flame and the integration makes it impossible for the ignition flame to stay on by mistake.   For comparison between EI and IEI versions, please see