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Some Questions for PowerFlamer Propane Stoves.


Hi – I had a few questions: on the IEI it says it cannot be reliably lighted so we should have a long igniter.
1, is it hard to ignite the non-IEI version or can we just have the non-IEI and long igniter?
2. what is the benefit of the IEI?
3. is the bottle just a small version of the tank or some other differences?
4. how much does the tank weigh, and how much does the bottle weigh?
5. do you sell the tanks and bottles or where can I buy them?


  1.  Same ignition problem exists for the regular electronic version (EI).  For any electronic ignition, it is usual to strike a few times before successful. 
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  4. When full, the propane in a tank may weigh between 15~20lbs,  it weighs about 1lb in a bottle.
  5. We only sell stoves that work with tank/bottle.   We don’t sell tank or bottle.  You can get tank and bottle from any hardware store.