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PowerFlamer Propane 160 Electronic Ignition Stove Heat Continuously Adjustable?

Customer (PF13L160EI): 

In the product description, it says “Heat for all manual ignition stoves is continuously adjustable from 0 to 160kBTU/Hr;” I assume that the electronic ignition stoves are also adjustable from 0 to 160k? I would like both electronic ignition and adjustable if that is possible. I definitely want it to be adjustable!


Thank you for spotting the description on continuous heat adjustment.  Heat from all PowerFlamer propane 160 stoves is continuously adjustable.   We have corrected that phrase. 


Okay, that sounds great.

One final question/recommendation. I assume that this is the “EI” improved version of the Powerflamer 160, correct? It may be good to include an explanation on your website. There seems to be some confusion online about the original vs EI and which is being sold on your site.


Thank you again on the tip on the confusion.  Can you share a link where this confusion is expressed?  We need to understand what the original means.  We always sell the latest version.   The original EI can date back 15~20 years ago.   For how the original one performs, we just uploaded a video from a customer (#1 at where the 1st is similar to our original 15 years back and the 2nd one is our latest. 

It is hard to summarize all improvements we made in last 15~20 years.  If you have time, you can read through first 5~6 posts at


I think my main confusion was that this site ( talks about how good the “Powerflamer 160EI” is, but I did not find that product advertised on your site.

This post from March 20, 2021 ( made me wonder if the difference between the models was recent improvements.

 I only just now realized that “EI” was “Electronic Ignition”. It seems obvious now, but I only realized it by reading the many different SKU’s on the product page. (SKU: PF13L160EI-Long-Lead-Time Category: Propane Burners Tags: PF13CL160, PF13CL160EI, PF13CS160EI, PF13L160, PF13L160EI, PF13S160, PF13S160EI, PFCS160, PowerFlamer Propane 160, PowerFlamer Propane 160 burner)

Maybe a good solution would be to have a chart with the SKU/tag and then a description of what the numbers/letter mean.

Great video! I would suggest adding your description on now vs 15 years ago to the title or description to make that more clear!

Have a great day.


Your confusion makes sense.  Kenji bought a stove from us a few years back.  The stove he has is our previous generation.  We continue improving our product.   Almost every year we have new feature. 

Thank you for your suggestion.  We will see how we can amend.