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12″ & 18″ wok


Which of you LP burners will work with 12″ & 18″ wok. Not sure if a 9″

will work for both sizes. Thank you.


For your 12″ wok, all stoves except PF13xx130 series can work.   Even PF13xx130EI, PF13xx160 and PF13xx160EI can work with 12″ wok.

For your 18″ wok, you are right, our PF9xxxxx series stove will be sub-optimal.

Let us know any further question.


Thank you for your reply. The PF13xxx130 series had my attention because of the sturdy looking stand plus the stand looked like you can take the legs off for ease of packing for a camping trip. The PF13xx160 series look like excellent burners yet their stands do not look as sturdy as the wider stands on the PF13xxx130 series. I am interested in the long stands. Is that correct? I want to make sure of one item you mentioned in your email, the PF13xx130 series (manual light) will not work yet the PF13xx130EI (electronic ignition) will work for the 12″ wok? Thanks for your time, I am eager to place an order and I want to make sure I understand my choices.


Both PF13xx130 and PF13xx160 stoves are sturdy, both can handle 35lbs of food on wok with no problem.   One major difference is that PF13xx130 is built light weighted (~15lbs) and PF13xx160 is about 21 lbs.

You are right, PF13xx130 will not work with 12″ wok.

Both PF13xx130EI and PF13xx160 will work with 12″ wok.   We need to mention that your 12″ wok had better to have only one long handle.  Otherwise it would really hard for you to handle the wok while cooking.


Many thanks for your reply. I just ordered the PF13CL130 and will get a 14″ wok at a later date & not use a 12″ wok. Thanks again for your time.


Yes we see your order.  Thanks.  We should be able to ship in next couple days.