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PF13L160 Questions


Have looked at Thunder, Manniu, Greg Wong’s wonder wok, CPG wok range.

Leaning towards the PF13L160 or PF13S160.

  1. Most likely will use table. If I order the 13S can I buy the legs at a later time?
  2. If I use a stainless steel prep table later what size diameter should I cut if I want to have the burner attached like Greg Wong’s wonder wok?


  1. Yes you can buy the legs at a later time.
  2. Below is a picture of the stove body parts for PF13S160. The wok support adaptor is separate from the wind guard.  This gives the cook flexibility to stand any location around the stove.   The bottom part of the wind guard measures 8.75″ in diameter and its upper part measures 12.25″ in diameter.   You can cut a hole of 11″ and the burner pipe can be under your table.

PF13S160 Stove Body

Hope we answer your question.   Let us know if there is further one.


Thank you for the table cut out dimension for the PF13S160. Now I’ll start looking for a table. Probably use floor until then.

What’s the maximum wok size that I can use on the stove? I’m planning to have two, a smaller one with handle and a large one.


For PF13S160 stove, we typically recommend 14″ wok with one handle.   This will enables you to get your food heated up fast.   For large wok, the stove should be able to handle up to 22″ wok, though a wok of this size is hard to handle.


Thanks for the prompt response.  Will place order later tonight.