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High pressure LPG burner

Inquiry:  Any pics of the actual burner you can share? Also, what is the appropriate size for a 14″ wok?

Outdoorstirfry:   Which product are you interested in seeing a picture of the burner?  A 14″ wok typically has its diameter as 14″ at its widest opening (top).

Inquiry:  I have a 14″ wok and am wondering if the 13″ high pressure manual ignition LPG burner. I’m interested in what the actual burner looks like and if the 13″ unit is the appropriate size for a 14″ wok.

Outdoorstirfry:  Attached is a picture of the burner.  Additionally you can see that the wok adaptor extends its four wok support fingers down toward the burner.  This is why we do not feel smaller than 13″ wok should have any problem.