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Questions for an immediate buying decision

Inquiry:   You have a great site but I still have a few questions:

[1]  Under the info provided for the Power Flame with Electronic Ignition, it states the height of the short leg stoves is either 7″ or 12″ depending on model.  I prefer the shorter of the two.  It appears by picture the 7″ high models are the 130,000 btu/hr stoves & the 12″ high models are the 160,000 but/hr stoves?  Please confirm which models are the 7″?  Which models are the 12″?

Outdoorstirfry:  160KBTU/Hr model height is 7” and 130kBTU/Hr height is 12”.

Inquiry:  [2]  I see the 160,000 but/hr stove is also available in the manual mode.  I don’t see where the 130,000 but/hr stove is listed as available in the manual mode.  Is the 130,000 but/hr stove available in manual mode on special order?

Outdoorstirfry:  The manual stoves are different structure than the electronic stoves.   The 160KBTU/Hr manual stove happens to have the same silver color as 160KBTU/Hr electronic one.   The manual stove section has 130KBTU/Hr stove as well.  The color of manual 130KBTU/Hr stoves is black.

Inquiry:  [3]  What is the smallest size wok one can use on the 12 1/2″ stove?  What is the smallest size wok one can use on the 13″ stove?  The reason I ask is when I cook for the family, I use a 14″ wok.  But when my wife cooks tries to cook just just for herself, the 14″ size is too heavy for her arthritic hands.  Can she use a a 12″ or 13″ wok on these stoves?

Outdoorstirfry:  Except the manual 130KBTU/Hr 13″ wind guard stoves (such as PF13L130, PF13CS130 etc), all other stoves (such as PF13L160, PF13L160EI, PF13L130EI) should be able to support wok size down to 12”.   For smaller than 14″ wok, it is recommended that the wok has only one long handle and the handle is preferred to be full metal.

Inquiry:  [4]  What is the actual weight of  model PF13L160?  On the “order/add to cart” page, it says 31 pounds.  On the product comparison table, it says it is 21 pounds.  Is one a shipping weight and the other the actual weight?

Outdoorstirfry:   A PF13L160 typically weight around 23lbs.  By adding shipping material, we give it some margin.

Inquiry:  [5]  There is a convenience to use the Electronic Ignition vs the Manual Ignition as far as lighting the stove.  But it also appears the gas control is better from the manual operation.  What has been your experience into the reliability of the Electronic Ignition vs the Manual Ignition?

Outdoorstirfry:  Our experience is that electronic ignition can fail in a couple years.   Manual stove is more robust.  Using a BBQ long nose ignitor is not a hassle at all.

Inquiry: [6]  What is normal delivery time once an order is placed?

Outdoorstirfry:  Once order is received, it takes 2 business days to process the stove.  Shipping to Ohio takes about 5 business days.

Inquiry: I am taking your advise and selecting a manual stove instead of the electronic one for better dependability.  You note, “the manual stoves are different structure than the electronic stoves”.  Did you mean the structure of the stove itself or of the starting mechanism?

Outdoorstirfry:  the structures for electronic and manual stoves are different.  The wok adaptor of the electronic one is an integral piece of the wind guard.  The wok adaptor of the manual stove is a separate piece which allows flexibility for the operator to position freely around the stove.

Inquiry: It appears the PF13L160 matches my need of a short er, manual stove not counting the additional height from the legs.  Is the height of the short version [PF13S160] still 7″?  And is it the cast aluminum vs the fabricated metal?

Outdoorstirfry: PF13S160 height is still around 7”.  The stove is made of cast iron.