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Built in PowerFlamer Natural Gas


Hi,  I’m building an outdoor kitchen and was hoping to build in the PowerFlamer Natural Gas burner.  I’ve read in other posts that airflow must be maintained so ventilation must be provided for the bottom of the burner.  Are there other requirements like heat shielding, distance and flammability of surrounding materials that have to be accounted for.  

In the FAQ section it looks like you’ve provided pictures of this kind of setup before but I can’t see them on the site.  Could you send me some?   Thank you in advance.


Oxygen comes in to the burner from its bottom.  Yes ventilation from the bottom needs to be maintain.   You will need to have room to move around to cook.   Clearance to wall needs at least one foot, preferably two feet if possible.  There should not be any combustible material one foot around the stove.  The ceiling is preferable 7~8 feet high.

We give comment to customer’s drawing and sorry we don’t keep their drawing nor uploading to our web site.    Let us know any further question.