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Cooking space


Is there anything I can buy that will contain the cooking space, so the oil doesn’t spray to ground?


You raise a very good question.   We are user of our own stove product for last 20 years.   We use our log leg version beside a table of cooking ingredients.  We put it on concrete ground and let oil go down freely to the ground.  The ground has a circle, about the same diameter of the stove, with dirt attracted to it.   Since it is outdoor, surrounding concrete is not that clean either, we are OK with it.    We place the stove next to a wall.  We do put cardboard on the wall to prevent splashed oil to the wall.

In case that you need your environment super clean after every usage, there are a couple options here:

  1. Build a stainless table for a short leg stove.   Splashed oil will be on the stainless table.  You can clean them after use.
  2. Place a short leg stove on a piece of flat stone such as granite.  Splashed oil will be on the stove smooth granite surface.  Cleaning should be easy.

Hope this helps.