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Wok burner


            I am interested in buying a high quality wok burner. I live the Manniu. X76. how does your burner compare. What model would you have that would be comparable?


Just to clarify, are you using a Manniu X76 now?   Where can we take a look at it?


        I do not have a Manniu at all right now. I love the infrared concept of the burner for its efficiency on gas. Her is a like to what it looks like. I like that the can has fins to hold the wok that are flat on top so it can be used to boil large stock pots etc. and not be used exclusively for a wok.

The following is a Manniu X72. You will see that the burner can only is usable with a wok as the flame guard is not flat to allow another type of pot to be put on the burner.

 I plan to make my own Stainless wok cart and flush mount the Can in the table as you have seen in both of the links provided.   What is the ship time on your 16 for LP and what would the total cost be delivered to Liberty, SC 29657.


Our PowerFlamer Propane 160 is out of stock but expect to be available in next couple weeks

Roaring Dragon is in Germany.  Wonderwok might be in USA.   Manniu 24KW X76/X72 is about 80kBTU/Hr, half of our PowerFlamer 160.    Our wok adaptor ring fins define a flat surface as well.  If your flat bottom pot diameter is >13″, you can put it on top of PowerFlamer 160 directly.

Let us know any further question.   Thank you.