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Product selection


Which propane burner should I buy?  I will be cooking on patio with windy conditions. Stir fry for 1-4 people.


We would suggest PF13L160 at   Let us know any further question.


Looks awesome!  I’m hoping to buy a stove today.

Will this work with my 14″ flat bottom carbon steel from

It sounds like you really know a lot about burners.  I read through your website, but could you tell me why this is better than these for stir fry?

-bayou sp10

-wokshop china stove


PF13L160 should work just great with any 14″ steel wok.

bayou sp10 – the problem with this is that it is not made for wok cooking.  20 years ago in Wisconsin I bought one of this for stir frying.  I ended up buying an oven mitten to prevent the flame to burn on my hand.   At the end my friend had to modify it to suit my cooking.  That came out a few patents.

Wok shop china stove, if you means this, construction is fairly similar to our PF13S160 stove.  However since we are stove maker instead of just selling, we know how to achieve higher power and other functionality like long leg (PF13L160).

Hope we answer your question.