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Hello, Kenji (The Food Lab) introduced me to your product. His PowerFlamer had rusted in his backyard. I live on saltwater. I understand that
iron rusts, but there are paints that are better than others.
How would you rate the PowerFlamer in rusting?, (taking into account that you may have improved it since Kenji’s video?) Or, do you recommend a specific paint that I can use when it needs repainting?
Very good question.   The paint on our earlier PowerFlamer generations is silver and not good to repel moisture in outdoor environment.   If the stove body rusts, you can polish off the rust and clean with a dry cloth.  Finding special paint for high temperature BBQ type is easy from any local hardware store.   This is oil based paint and should last much longer.
Our new generation PowerFlamer has dark gray paint which is the best rust resistant paint we ever know of.  For all improvements of the new PowerFlamer generation, please read.