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Stove came in today but hose seems short. Can I send just the burner back for you to install a 4′ hose?

First let me explain a little bit.  

  1. This is what’s available from our vendor.  The manufacturing quality of the hose, orifice and regulator combo is guaranteed by our vendor (that’s why there is a red tag on the regulator).
  2. 2’ hose seems to be the industry norm for high pressure gas appliance.  We have been using this 2’ hose without any problem.

There are a few solutions here:

  1. As you said in your email, you can send back your 2’ hose/regulator/orifice combo (unscrew it from the burner. You don’t need to send back the burner).  We will try to order a longer combo for you.  And you have to pay for the price difference.  This may take some time.  I’m not able to only replace the hose because that hose diameter is specially made for that combo.
  2. I imagine that the hose is too short for you to reach a tank placed on the ground.  If this is the case, place something below the tank to make it reach;
  3. Upgrade PFS to a PFL such that it stands alone on ground.