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Why does a family needs this besides a stove and oven?

As stated in its best uses, the outdoor stir fry stove will enable a family to enjoy home style restaurant quality foods.  The stove empowers its family ability to create new dish and meal with 10 times more power.  This high power makes possible for healthier (vitamin retaining) food cooking.  A general comparison is below among in-house stove, BBQ grill and this outdoor stir fry stove:

Brief Comparison Between In-House Stove Top, Outdoor BBQ and Outdoor Stirfry Stove

In-House Stove Top Outdoor BBQ Grill Outdoor Stirfry Stove
Can it stir fry? Yes No without add on Yes
Can it grill? No Yes No
What is its power rating? At most 14,000BTU/hr (4.1kW) At most 14,000BTU/hr (4.1kW) 137,000BTU/hr (60kW)
Time to cook a regular dish? 10 minutes (600 seconds) 40 minutes 40 seconds
Result of your vegetable dish? Soggy Soggy Crispy, fresh and tasty
Where are you and your family? Inside the house Outdoor Can be outdoor
Can you cook smoky dish? No (add cleaning life-time) Yes Inherent