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Which oil to use for such high heat?

Question: What oil should be used for such high heat cooking? Rice bran? Palm? Coconut? Other? I do not want to use a

canola/corn/peanut/vegetable/etc oil, what is the traditional oil for high heat wok cooking?


First of all, any oil, if subject to too much heat, will burn and become carbon.   However oil is the mean to bring raw ingredients to high enough temperature to cook.  If you prefer flavors from Rice bran, Palm, coconut, please use them.  However if you want to bring your ingredients (meat, vegi etc) to a certain temperature to cook, then we believe the rest of oil should be fine too.

One possible confusion about usage of high heat from our stove is that the stove is capable of bringing up temperature in fast speed which enables new ways of cooking.   This does not mean to burn oil or ingredients.