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wok burner stand


Can you just sell me the stand ? The one with long legs.


Which stand do you desire for which stove?   If you can provide picture of your stove which you want to fit into our stand, it would be much clearer for us to understand if they are compatible to each other.


This is the one i got

PF13S160 Competitor 2016-3-23

It is good to see your picture.   The base plate of our stove is different from the one in your picture.   Our base plate is able to accept 3 long legs as stand.   There are a few options here:

  1. Your picture looks brand new. If you have not used the stove, you can return it.    Then you can come and buy our long leg stove PF13L160;
  2. If you already used your stove, we can engineer 3 long leg adaptors onto your stove wind guard.   For this you will need to send in your stove wind guard.   The wind guard is heavy, depends on where you ship from, the postage to use may cost $20~$30.
  3. You can go buy a table dedicated for supporting your stove.


Let us know which one you choose.