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amazon model?


Which model of your wok burner is on Amazon? Does the amazon one have electronic ignition? Also, can a large wok pan (18 or 22 inch) be used with this burner?  thank you!


We have PF13L160 and PF13L160EI stoves on amazon.  The PF13L160EI is an electronic ignition one.  They work for 18″ or 22″ wok.   If you use a flat bottom pan, the flame will need to be turned on pretty high.


Thanks. You’re very helpful.  It looks like it’s a little cheaper to buy directly from you than from Amazon.

Can you put a grate on the PF13L160 and grill meat or vegetables directly over the flame, like a normal barbecue? I didn’t see any picture of people using it like a barbecue. Does the 160 or 130 flame go low enough so it doesn’t scorch the food, if using on a grate?

The 160 wok grate looks less stable than the 130 model, which is round. What do you think? Also, what’s the advantage of the 160 over the 130, other than more btu?

Thank you again for your help. Your burners look really good.


Both PF13L160 and PF13L130 stoves give direct flame, they are really powerful and would burn the food upon contact.   Barbecue flame is usually short, much weaker, only heats up the air and let the air to get into contact with meat.  

PF13L160 has quite a few advantages over PF13L130.  It has a 6” burner as compared with a 4” one in PF13L130.  Its wok adapter can sit freely according to the cook side.   Its wind guard will remain cool during cooking.   Its hose has stainless braid.   Its flamer will be more focused and not be as long.


OK.  I think I’ll get the PF13L160.  A few more questions.

I am wondering if it’s possible to convert to camping propane later (e.g. get an adapter at Home Depot) if I don’t buy the “C” version now? I may find that using a big propane tank is easy enough for camping anyway and decide I don’t need to change it.

Thanks for clarifying about heating the air when barbecuing as opposed to the food directly. The reason I ask about barbecuing is I don’t eat meat and don’t have much use for a big grill, but I like to grill vegetables sometimes. I do it on my charcoal weber, but it’d be nice to have something that’s quicker (not have to wait for charcoals). Could I create a flame barrier to use with low flame to cook vegetables on it?

Finally, the EF13CLP50 looks interesting, perhaps for regular cooking. What’s its main purpose?

Anyway, sorry to ask so many questions. I really appreciate your customer service!


We don’t know if Home Depot carries the configurable adapter between tank and bottle.  But you can ask us later if you don’t want to buy the “C” version for now.

You should be able to create similar metal structure to BBQ grill and our stove will be must faster and powerful in heating up the intermediate metal plate.

EF13CLP50 can be interesting at home as a side burner for soup cooking.  If you intend to use it during camping, it would be better to have a wind guard like EF13CLP50WG.

Customer (PF13L160): 

Thanks again for all your help. I just ordered it.

I think something like this might work for grilling veggies on it. It’s a cast iron grill, so there’d be no direct flame, but it’d get hot enough for quick grilling. It’s 14 inches, so maybe big enough to sit on top and not interfere with airflow. I could maybe put a grate under it if it wasn’t stable enough on its own. Anyway, I’ll wait to get the burner from you and maybe try this one out. I’ll mostly use my wok with the burner, but doing veggies like this would be a bonus feature. Thanks again!


We see your order.  Thank you.

In terms of the grilling griddle you pick, let us know how it sits on PF13L160.  Since the griddle has curves on both sides, we don’t know if it sits steady enough.   

We will provide tracking information once it ships.