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No longer shipping POL connector to international orders

In the past, we have various posts stating that we supply POL connector for international orders, for example at   Over the year, our hose/regulator assembly evolves in a safer way that any part can’t be separated any more.  As the result, we will have to ship ACME type I QCC tank connector with any PowerFlamer propane stoves.  Besides, many parts of the world do not use POL as tank inlet.  International (outside north America) Customers are responsible to find adaptor between our stove tank connector (ACME type I QCC) and their local tank inlet.   You can always contact us and supply your tank information for us to help identify a correct adaptor.  

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Product customization request.


Hello,Was checking your homepage and found the PF13S160 model which suits my needs the best.  Is this available on Amazon as well?  If i purchase i need to fly with it back home to europe. I commute frequently. Can’t find any good models in europe unfortunately. What’s the weight of the unit? Should be able to travel as checked in box? Can you deliver with connection for european gas bottles plug and play? Thanks.


We don’t sell PF13S160 stove on Amazon.   It is only available from our own web site.   You can simply order it from our own web site and put in the instruction that this is for Europe.  We know to put a regular POL tank connector for outside of USA sales.  If you have further question, you can also utilize the contact us form on our web site to communicate. 

The weight of the unit is about 25lbs.  And you should be able to check in with the airlines.